Our History


Over the years the structure of our Jersey farms has changed. In 1866 there were over 12,000 head of cattle on 1808 holdings. In 1973 there were 8,000 head of cattle on 344 farms, whereas, in 2003 there are approximately 3,500 head of cattle on 35 farms sending milk to the dairy. A quota licensing system was introduced that regulates milk production on the island to a level that can be successfully marketed by our dairy.


Traditionally, local family's produced Jersey milk as part of their own farming operation for their private consumption, with any surplus sold at market. By the early part of the 20th century there were around 30 small private dairies established and dotted around the island collecting milk from farms and selling directly to the public.


In 1954, due to varying demand, the problem of surplus milk and the desire to benefit from economies of scale, the States of Jersey intervened and established the Jersey Milk Marketing Board, under the provision of the Milk Marketing Scheme (Approval) (Jersey) Act 1954. The JMMB, a farmer's Co-operative established its own dairy who was totally responsible for the collection, quality control, production, distribution, sales and marketing of all milk produced within the island.


In 1966, we transferred our operation from Don Street to a new dairy at Five Oaks as the only milk processing plant in the island and then on to our brand new facility at Trinity which we opened in 2010.


We are accredited to both ISO and BRC grade A. We also hold the Soil Association accreditation for the production and packaging of organic products.